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Post Natal Assessment

Every new mother should have access to a post-natal check. It can be done anytime from 6 weeks post-natal and its never 'too late'.

Whether or not you have had any symptoms during your pregnancy, after the delivery or not at all...

Whether the birth was via c-section or vaginally...

Whether this was your first or 4th delivery...

....guidance for safe recovery and rehabilitation post-birth can be essential in preventing prolapse and continence issues developing or deteriorating as a result of pregnancy and/or childbirth.

What does it involve?
A full musculoskeletal examination of the lumbo-pelvic area, diastasis recti (abdominal/tummy muscle wall) c-section scar and/or pelvic floor. Any concerns regarding perineal trauma healing can also be discussed and treated.

General scar treatment is also offered for both perineal and c-section scar improvement and pain.

Advice is also given on general return to fitness as well as specific sports including running and HIIT training.

Call me to discuss any specific issues, worries or to find out more.

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